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      Starting, Spreading & 
Supporting ministry in ATL

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We are a ministry of a local church in the Metro-Atlanta area concerned with reaching Atlanta and it's surrounding area.


Reaching a city the size of Atlanta for Jesus may seem like an overwhelming task, but we believe that God has given us the "tools" necessary to do so.

Our goal is 3-fold:

1- We hope to partner with and mobilize Metro-Atlanta churches and Christians to minister in the city!

2-  Providing metro Atlanta churches with resources and tools to bring maximum efficiency to their ministerial efforts. Everything from easy and reproducible outreach events, flyers, social media advice, to follow up strategies!

3- Church planting, church revitalization, and church encouragement in and around the city. 


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A mobilized network of volunteers from 

churches of like faith ready to jump and in and serve on organized ministry projects in the city. We can also help with the strategic

 placement of ministry interns in churches interested! Click here to get involved!

We will provide and host conversation, information, and pertinent information to ministry in the city.

 We seek to also provide ministry materials to churches, church planters, and ministries in the city. These may range from event templates, tracts, invitations, web design, social media work, follow up strategies, to banners and signs. 


About Me

My name is Greg Keelen and I have the privilege of getting to serve on the pastoral staff of Vision Baptist Church in Alpharetta Ga! I was born in Atlanta and have called it home for as long as I can remember!  I absolutely love the city and am so grateful to have been raised there. As much as I may love the city, the love I have is dwarfed by the love that God has for the city! Sadly there are more churches closing down in than being started. I firmly believe that the local Bible preaching church is equipped to reach it's area and the world! It is my goal to work with local churches to reach OUR CITY!

I would love to personally come and present this ministry to your church!

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Mark your calendar & jump in!

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